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Young Adult Stress Support

Depression and Stress

HI My name is Endeavour

i was recommended to join by Chloe i am suffering from Depression and stress

after my dad took his life at the age of 36 and then two years this April my brother went missing and took his life he was 38 years old and i miss them both dreadfully Iam crying alot i have been to the doctors and he referred my to the mental health team but they said i am not bad enough to get any help. i was devastated and disgusted with him not helping me.

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Hi EndeavourMorse

Sorry, it seems our members are a little quiet right now, but don't give up, with the information I gave you before, I do hope you will have more positive news soon.

Stay in touch and take care.



I'm so sorry you've been through all this and in such a short amount of time(from what I understood). Sometimes the people we expect to give us the help we need are the last people to provide us with it. However, before you give up all hope, I suggest you try and be the person that you need most. It sounds hard and is even harder to do, but as sad as it is we can't always depend on someone else to help us. Even if it is literary their job to help someone out like yourself. Could you maybe elaborate more one how this has made you feel? Have you come to terms with the situation? Do you have trouble speaking about them? Do you think a lot about why they would've done it? I do not want to bombard you with questions but I feel that it is necessary to understand how you are currently feeling. Have you considered group therapy? Trust me it may be helpful and I don't think it would hurt to try since it is your happiness at stake. I myself am aware that I need help yet professionals as well as people around me can't necessarily help me since I am all to aware of my situation. Often whatever it is that they have to say is something I've already heard or realized before and therefor when speaking with someone about my problems they often don't think they need to or can help me.


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