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Rundown woman syndrome?

I have a consistently positive ANA with a low titer. I have been pregnant 14 times, 10 second trimester miscarriages, 1 late term still birth, and 3 live births. I suffered the HELLP syndrome during the first pregnancy and showed signs of preeclampsia with the next. This included liver and kidneys shutting down and platelets dangerously low. I've had all over body pain. Balance problems and crippling fatigue! I have major depressive disorder and some anxiety. Swelling of my limbs and joints along with hairloss. I also had neuropathy where a muscle near my shoulder blade just quit working. My Rheumatologist with the combination of my symptoms and blood work decided on a diagnosis of MCTD and Fibro. He put me on plaquenil twice a day for 12 weeks. Having a diagnosis was so validating! After years of searching! Then we did blood work again. Because my blood was unremarkable he took me off the plaquenil and prescribed skalaxin. He also rescinded my MCTD diagnosis. I will have and appointment next month. In the meantime, I saw another rheumatologist. After going over my history and my blood work she decidedly stated that I have run down woman syndrome. Then laughed teasingly. She prescribed more me time, and the ability to say a strong "no" to anyone that expects me to spread myself thin. I can admit that my life is crazy. I work long hours at a maximum security prison as a correctional officer. My oldest son has autism/bipolar, my middle son is really the adult in the house, and then my two year old son. My mother and father moved out of my house last year. My mother has degenerative disc disease and dad has Parkinson's. My husband's mother just passed away last year, after painfully wasting away with cancer. But honestly! Isn't every woman's story crazy like this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Please respond!


OMG, no one responded. Ok, I will. One, I would take your doctor's advice and not try to spread yourself so thin, you will appreciate it and your kids will appreciate it later. Definitely be grateful for the middle child that is the other adult in the family. I am not entirely sure if more children is something that you would want to try to fit on your plate further. I feel like focusing on the three that you do have will serve as a blessing for sure. Your kids want a healthy mom now and in the future, do what it takes to mitigate stress and lead a healthier lifestyle that you own kids can learn to follow. Remember, that it starts with you when it comes to parenting. If you set a good example, your kids are more likely to follow. Same goes if you set a bad example. If you focus on you, the rest should follow, including your kids. Lead the example. And sometimes, your most immediate family is the most important, any outside noise should be avoided while you're undergoing health issues of your own.