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Newbie: WLS (I’m researching for my MDT to convince NHS to fund me for WLS)

Hi I’m a newbie to this forum. Just looking for personal opinions, stories and avdice.

WLS: What were the worst things about it? Did it work? What type did you have? Do you regret it or would you make the same decision again? Was it NHS funded? Did you have to fight to get them to agree? Also anyone here from Swansea who has had WLS who can guide me with our system?

Loads more questions but can’t organise them in my mind atm. They’ll come lol.

I’ve been invited for a multidisciplinary team meeting to decide whether I have a case for having WLS on the NHS so here’s to hoping I get it I think 😕😶😬🤞🏼🤞🏼

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It took me nearly 3 years from registering for the weight loss programme to getting my operation date.

For me, the operation was like being knocked down by a steamroller. Really knocked me for six and I was looking at a blood transfusion on day 2. However, after 3 days things progressed and I was sipping clear fluids and the next day free flowing liquids then onto ice cream and soup. I had a bit of a temperature so ended up staying in 6 nights.

The NHS staff were amazing.