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How can you motivate yourself and put it on your mind to eat right and healthy? I want to get the gastric sleeve done but in order to do that need to go down 40lbs I have pcos and have trouble losing weight I have tryed everything and nothing... I have done pills, protein shakes, gym, curves, and many more things.. Also want to know what to eat to lose fat? Thanks

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I don't know. I'm going to try a modified Eat To Live diet which is plant based and seems similar to volumetrics to me. My doc is pushing weight loss surgery at me which is neither here or not there for me emotionally really. Maybe read ETL and see if that interests you? I think you have to remind yourself that this diet isn't long term, you have a set goal and after that you don't have to struggle so much maybe?

Hello - I am not certain what diets you may have tried in the past. I am partial to natural remedies and can offer some suggestions.

Don't be too hard on yourself. You have to think of this as a lifestyle change and compete with the person staring at you in the mirror. Diets are not a One size fit all but if you can commit to altering some habits help is right around the corner.

Out of curiosity, do you know your blood type? How active are you as it relates to exercise. The more honest that you are we can help you reach your weight loss goal of 40 lbs. within 4 months at the most.

My weight loss doctor says something you don't hear much: eat a diet higher in protein because any excess can't be turned to fat, but excess carbs can be. This is simple logic but so true! Let your diet have a higher percentage be protein and lower it's percentage of carbs and fat because the protein cannot be converted to fat!! I suppose your body simply excretes it!! AND you're preparing yourself for your after-surgery diet!

I've had the gastric sleeve which is the only logical choice to my mind. I've successfully kept my weight loss off for 14 months. Not a long time but still going strong. Total loss: 70 lbs.

You can't count on this, but...I have found that when I eat the recommended 60-80 grams of protein daily and the 60-90 grams of carbs daily my taste buds change after a few weeks and keep on changing and pretty soon sweets don't taste right or good anymore and lots of carbs don't taste right and so sense of taste gets destroyed! And when I get to a weight I like and start adding back more carbs and vegetables and my taste starts to come back, I still can't eat too much sweets and so forth and I'm darn thankful that I have all this help to keep my diet out of trouble!! But you can't count on this happening because I've seen how other people eat and they don't seem as if this has happened to them.