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Just an update

Good morning everyone. For those of you thinking about an nhs wls I thought I'd tell you how I'm getting on. After a year with a hospital dietitian I was finally refered to the Luton and Dunstable obisity research clinic. I had my assessment on the 13th May where I was told I was a perfect candidate for a gastric bypass. I suffer with very bad reflux so the sleeve is not an option. The biggest problem problem with Luton is how busy they are, my appointment for my mdt appointment was for November the 15th but I rang and asked to go on the cancellation list and last week got given an earlier appointment for Septemberthe 30th. Following this I will need to follow the milk diet and lose 5% of my weight then reintroduce food without gaining weight followed by meet a surgeon and then the surgery itself. All of which will most likely see me in surgery for this time next year. It's a slow process but I have made some good friends and would encourage everyone to find their fb support group. It's so helpful to be able to ask all your questions and chat when I'm feeling low. That's all for now. Take care x

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Good luck!!

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What's a milk diet not sure if you mean milk thank you


hi there, yes milk is exactly what it is, the bariatric team will tell you how many pints of milk a day to drink and how many Oxo cube drinks a day to have, they are important for the salt. You can also have no sugar jelly and that's it. I had 4 pints of milk a day flavoured with no sugar crusha and I lost 12lb over the 2 weeks. hth x


Thank you x