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Help and Advice please

Hello I am writing about my daughter. We have just had it confirmed she has PCOS. She had the scan today so we have to wait a week before we go to the GP to see what the next move is.... I am finding this hard even though I have susspected for a while that is what she had. What do we do now? How do we cope? she is my baby and only 18 i think its so unfair. Does anyone have any advice for me before i go to the GP with her next week???

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The combined contraceptive can generally mask all the symptoms (Ive been on it for 25 or so years), its not all doom and gloom I promise you, generally low GI is the way to go diet wise so cut out all white carbs as they are the route of all evil in my opinion. PCOS has such varying symptoms, some ladies have little, some more, some have no issues conceiving, some take a bit longer but it is pretty rare not to conceive just due to pcos.

I think as a general thing really is to have a good diet and try and keep weight within a normal BMI which is a tough bit for lots of pcos ladies as we store fat so efficiently.

Sadly things havent changed much since I was diagnosed 30 years ago and you are basically left to it until you want a family, but more knowledge is now known about how diet is key to controlling the symptoms.

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Thank you so much for replying I feel a little better about it xx I will sit down with her and we can go through all the pto's and con's xxx

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Worriedmum17, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 around new years, it's an immensely distressing time, an I entirely get how you both must be feeling atm. For me the most difficult thing was dealing with the idea that I may not be able to get pregnant, it felt like the most feminine part of me, the very thing that defined me as a woman was being torn out of me. But once I accepted that the condition was out of my control, and found out from people who have PCOS that they could get pregnant and it maybe just takes more attempts, it really has helped me become content.

Regarding body hair, there are ways round controlling this, I've been using lazer treatments but depending on hormone levels these can be slow to show results, so whatever treatment she chooses be it waxing, lazer, shaving, hair removal cream etc, they will need to be done more regularly than for someone without the condition.

Periods are still a problem for me, but every case is different and your daughter may be more lucky than me. I have very irregular periods, and I haven't had a period for over 4 months now, and when I get them they are immensely painful and apparently similar to labour pains. If you want to control periods more, taking the pill is a good option, it didn't suit me though, but the best one I tried was yasmin, do some research though as otherwise Doctors can fob you off with the cheapest birth control pill, but it takes trial and error to find one that suits. Also for period pains eating bananas, drinking cranberry juice and alcohol can help, and personally senokot tablets for IBS or Feminax and Cocodamol help with the pains.

Weight management may be required too as one of the symptoms can be changes in weight.

I hope this has been helpful, do get in contact if either of you want to chat and best of luck!

Much Love

Lotus Flower


Awww thank you so much for taking the time to reply xxx my main concern was her fertility as she is amazing with babies/children she is looking for a nanny job and would be amazing. So she really wants to be a mum in the future x x I feel a bit more hopeful for her now xx thank you xx lovely to chat ❤️


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