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Feel despondent

Hi, I was diagnosed 13yrs ago and been on and off dianette between children (very lucky never struggled to conceive). Dianette is great and leaves me with really minuscule symptoms but my GP was making murmurs about coming off it as have been on it a while. I came off it in January and developed awful painful cystic acne. I am now getting scarring and feel like putting my head in a bag. I went and asked him to put me back on it which he did agree to but now it's going to take another 6 months to get my skin back to nice. I'm in a new job and just feel so low. Just wanted to moan and have a pity party. Hugs to all others out there Cysters xxxx

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Maybe try Yasmin or other alternatives, I think Dianette tends to be more of a short term thing. Ive been on yasmin for years and love it, keeps the majority of the pcos symptoms at bay.

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