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Gluten free currant and spice biscuits (Easter biscuits)

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Hi everyone,

I made these earlier today and am pleased with how they turned out as I used gram flour and plant based double cream to bind them.

Here's the recipe if anyone would like it.

75g gram flour 75g plain GF flour 110g Pure spread 100g Demerara sugar 100g dried raisins 1/2 tea spoon of mixed spice and 50ml of Elm Lea plant based double cream which I mixed in my food processor and then tray baked for about 30mins 175C until cooked through.

I think we're in the middle of a pandemic and Easter biscuits are comfort food. And I do like the odd cookie or cake...πŸ˜€

11 Replies
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They look awesome Jerry and I'd easily eat those, what fabulous ingredients. You have my tastebuds going now ;)

Alicia :)

Jerry in reply to crazyfitness

Thanks Alicia, I'm glad that I made them as they tickle my taste buds too...πŸ˜€

crazyfitnessStar in reply to Jerry

Oh I bet they do, or should I say did LOL ;)


Wow Jerry, they do sound very good indeed, putting Elm Lea Plant Based double Cream in them has to be a winner.

Hey thanks Debs and I buy the Elm Lea plant based cream in my local corner shop and its really nice. πŸ˜€

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Jerry

I had never seen the Elm Lea version, I will be looking out for that. It great how things are improving and for your local corner shop to be selling it is just great : >

Here it is Debs I really like it. 😊

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Oh my, I bet that is very nice


These look delicious Jerry. Why wait til Easter 🐣😁

Jerry in reply to Agoodenough

Hey I’m practising for next Easter Ali...😁😁😁

All your baking looks so tempting!

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