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Roasted parsnips for lunch

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My organic veg box came with parsnips this week, and although I've never really liked them before, I wanted to give them a chance.

I cut them into strips with the skin on (as many of the good things in them are concentrated in or near the skin) and roasted them without oil - and they taste amazing!

Being high quality organic produce in season is going to make a difference - but I'm still pleasantly surprised at how my taste buds have changed and I can appreciate all these wonderful different flavours of plants.

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I’m glad you enjoyed them. We also had lovely roasted parsnips from our organic veg box yesterday although next time I will try them with the skin on.

Ali 🌱🙂

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Thats great Ben, it is amazing how our bodies adapt. I would be getting excited at getting an organic veg box, years ago I would never thought that was possible.

I love roasted parsnips, never thought of roasting them with the skins or without oil, I am definately going to try that 😊

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