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BBC vegan cookery show

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This is a link below about the new vegan cookery programme that may be on our screens next spring. (It’s being launch in Wales in January).

I used to love watching cookery programmes but not any more so I would be keen to watch this and hopefully be inspired. I knew it couldn’t be long before a vegan show would be on and hopefully people will see that it’s not so difficult to be vegan and you can have great food! So I’m looking forward to this... 🌱

Ali 🙂

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Hi Ali, its definitely main stream now so it's great news. 😊

We saw that too, looking forward to it. 👍

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to GoGo_JoJo

So am I. Will be nice to see a cooking programme we can relate to and hopefully get some tips and inspiration 🙂

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Looking forward to seeing the show, you can make so much that's Vegan.

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Hidden

You certainly can. I like it when they don’t use too many ingredients in recipes like the minimalist baker, have you seen her recipes?

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Hidden in reply to Agoodenough

Same here, it's not needed. Oh yes, I signed up to the Minimilist Baker I'm sure I've made something of hers but can't remember what😂

Looking forward to this. I do hope they dont get too sidetracked by substitute meat products in their recipes though...Is seitan and processed meat really healthy? Personally I prefer to stick to plant based wholefood meals. Tried some vegan "bacon" at a cafe recently and the texture was very slimey . Anyway it's really good that at last there will be a vegan cooking show on tv. I live in Wales, is it only being shown here? Hopefully not delivered in Welsh !😂

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AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jens58

Haha no hopefully not in Welsh! No it’s going to Wales first in January then everyone else in the spring so maybe you can report back! Although when it’s on in wales maybe we could get it on catch up, not sure. I know exactly what you mean. I do not like any meat substitutes and I’m sure it’s not a healthy way to go. Also I don’t think I could eat anything that tasted like dead pig or lamb, it would put me off. I don’t like seitan either but like you it’s good really as it naturally steers you into whole foods which is much better. 🙂 Ali

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