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Peace and Parsnips

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As I am always on the look out for new vegan cookbooks , I wanted to share my latest find which is Peace and Parsnips by Chef Lee Watson who lives in North Wales . I have been to a curry feast which he prepared and his food was probably amongst the best I have ever had. His recipes are wonderful and you can also get more from his website

He also holds cooking workshops around the country . I honestly couldn't recommend him enough.

I also use the Happy Pear books regularly , those lovely twins from Ireland who post on Youtube so much. Also the How Not To Die cookbook by Dr Michael Greger, also Pure Plant Nation cookbooks. The last onesare American produced and use cup measurements. Would love to hear what anyone else recommends. I try not to eat any processed vegan food, where possible sticking to whole food plant based.

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Thanks for the info Jens

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Hey thanks for this jenn58, I like the sound of peace and parsnips and I love the look of the gluten free apple crumble all good. 😊

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Jens58 in reply to Jerry

I'm baking those this weekend so will report back !

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JerryGuest in reply to Jens58

You do that Jen 😊

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Thanks for this Jen. I will look out for them. I bet the curry was good. I love currrys it’s my favourite 🙂🌱

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