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Tesco's to sell vegan steaks.


Good morning everyone,

Here's a link to RNZ about plant based steaks, these foods do not appeal to me but if they're healthy and nutritious and encourage people to eat better and ethically then there's obviously. place for then in the market.

The fact that Tesco's are going to be selling vegan burgers in on radio NZ is news shows the ever increasing interest in a plant based diet:


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I agree. Anything that helps people make the transition away from eating animals has got to be a good thing.


Must admit the look too meaty for me but its great that Tesco are making an effort



1) Fake food never ends well e.g. fake butter (transfat), fake sugar (aspartame), fake crab meat (pure junk).

2) That's exciting.

3) Oh, watch out, check the ingredients to see if it's carcinogenic.

4) It's a pure insult to cows. Animals have feelings, you know?

5) .....

Choose 4 if you want Jerry to hate you forever. :)

Jerry in reply to Hidden

Hi anothermember, I've always liked the thought of a food label that read:

"Not Fit for Human Consumption" LOL

I don't hate anyone and certainly not for their food choices. Hate and anger don't win others over they alienate them and I prefer bridges to walls, so I'm just open about my choices and I want to show how free from foods can be healthy and very enjoyable...😊


LOL.........I like that. I really do. :)

I'm sorry, but this: "Only plant-based ingredients like wheat and soy are used in the production," is very bad.

Wheat and soy are two of the worst ingredients for people to eat!!

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