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New here!

Hi everyone, I thought I'd introduce myself even though the group looks a little quiet at the moment. I joined a few days ago, I'm 51, mostly vegan (I still have an occasional vegetarian day here and there) since signing up for Veganuary this year, pretty unfit and have in the region of six stone to lose. :) I'm really enjoying eating vegan and it does seem to have many benefits I hadn't imagined I'd experience! A friend of mine recommended the Health Unlocked community to me, she is vegan and has lost over 8 stone, she's an inspiration to me! So, I know it can be done and I'm planning to do it too! :)

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Hi zebra I'm trying to do something similar and also lose approx 6 stones. Wow so your friend lost 8 stones??!! Did you ask how she did it? Did she cut back on refined carbs? Cut back on oil? How long did it take her to lose the weight?

Hopefully we can both get some ideas!😃


I've been vegan nearly 3 years and I havent lost any weight but I feel healthier and happier and I feel good for helping all these poor farmed animals. I do it for them.

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Hi, i’ve been vegan for 3 and a half years and i’ve lost a few kilos, but nothing like 8 stones! I weighted about 9 stones when I was vegetarian. I’m now 8.5ish stones. 😨


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