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Stroke victim wrongly sent home from hospital because specialists weren't available at the weekend

This lady has Takayasu's Arteritis. The article is a bit sensationalistic but sadly highlights the problems that delays in diagnosis can cause.

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This is such a sad story; and so hard for her young family. When I was finally diagnosed with 'pulse less disease' (takayasu's) I was told that it was treatable but I was lucky that they had found it in time. The next day, after some initial tests, the consultant told me that they could only remember one previous case, and that had been found when they did a post mortem on a stroke patient. I wonder how many strokes could be avoided if more hospitals thought about vasculitis?


Absolutely, a similar thing happened to me only there were Neurologists about and I actually had two seperate week long stays as an inpatient only to be sent home with a bag of painkillers and a diagnosis of a 'simple' headache both times. I wouldn't be here if it wern't for vigilant friends and neighbours? Very sad story for the lady and although the money may help it won't change her diagnosis or her brain damage suffered from a mis-diagnosis?

The hospital involved in my case is now a major 'stroke' hospital which is a joke??


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