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Council Tax

Hi everyone, I am looking into moving out of my Mums into my first rented house (yipppeeeee, a place to call my own). I went to citizens advice and although I am in the new 25-34 age bracket, because I receive DLA i will get £98.08 a week housing benefit. I have been working out how much I can afford as I am going to private rent and I need two bedrooms in case I need someone to stay over if I am unwell. It isn't absolutely essential but it will make things easier. Anyway, I forgot to ask about council tax when I was there, I have had a look online and I can't work out whether I am entitled to a reduction and how much roughly it will be. I know council tax varies but if I do have to pay the full rate, could someone please give me an indication on how much this is roughly a month as I am trying to budget my money? I receive DLA and ESA at the moment as I am unable to work. I read that some people are entitled to a rebate and I know students are exempt but not sure where I fit into it all! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and wish you all a healthy and happy 2013 :-)

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Hi Lucy

Maybe there might be something here which will help -

I do know that, under normal circumstances, there is a 25% rebate for people living on their own. However, even 25% off the normal amount would probably be difficult for you to achieve.

If members here can't help then maybe going back to CAB or contacting your local council might be the best course of action.

Good luck with your move to be independent. Best wishes for 2013.



Hi Lucy, how exciting for you! Do you get income related ESA? I do at the moment and I am in the Support Group and don't have to pay any council tax at the moment, before when I worked, being on my own yes I just got a 25% single person discount?

Good luck and best wishes



Thanks for the reply. I know I am in the support group for ESA but not sure if it is income related??


Just had a good rummage in my file and found my award letter, I get income related ESA and I am in the support group :-)


Hi again Lucy

This the CAB website for Housing Benefits and Council Tax Benefits.

There is a button to press depending on which country in the UK you live, because there are slight variations. Hope it helps.



This is very helpful thank you! It says I do not have to pay it :-) Lucy


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