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The Daily Mail today.... Overweight claimants should have their benefits cut if they do not exercise enough, councils declared yesterday

I wonder if they have thought this through properly and the implications which could arise from this..., the costs of administering it will be huge..paid by the tax are they to enforce it?? Have they taken into consideration sick people and people who are on medication which causes obesity...who is going to define what is obese..??

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Sound bites Susan.

These people often just open their mouths and let their bellies rumble.


Too true put them on large dozes of steroids, an injection of extreme lethargy and see how slim they stay.


This government is getting beyond a joke. When I was at my DLA appeal the retired doctor that was there said . I think you are overweight this was before he asked about Vasculitis and what medication I was on . I asked him what gives him the right to say this would not reply. Don't think he could as don't think he had a clue what Vasculitis was or is . Need less to say did not go so well .


They really do think we are an easy target. When things are bad there has to be a scapegoat. Let's hope that disabled groups stand together to fight this government and it's anti disabled policies.


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