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Mononeuritis Multiplex worsens after operation


i had a small part on the left of my left thigh/knee affected by Mononeuritis Multiplex (i have WG and this is secondary to it) and it gave me no pain just a weird numb feeling on that part of my leg.

4 weeks ago i had an op for acute appendicitis i have 4 scars in my stomach now, 1 on left side (2 staples) one just above my bits (3 staples) one on the right side (6 staples) and 4 stitches in my belly button.

the surgeon said it was real mess inside.

now 4 weeks on the whole left side of my left thigh is numb and i am getting massive stabbing pains in the middle of the numb patch

i cant sleep properly as i wake up in pain, standing, walking, sitting and lying down just generates pain but its not constant.

the consultant did not seem to worried but i cannot put up with this pain much longer

has anyone else suffered these stabbing pains/dull ache feeling and what did you do or use to relieve the pain.

or can anyone give me advice on what to do

thanks in advance

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have you told him how it is now? does the district nurse still come out? she might be able to advise.don't put up with the pain.

I hope you get it sorted, it sounds as if you're having a rough time.




Hi U, I know exactly how you feel as I have mononueritus in my left arm and hand with no sensation to my little finger the one next to it and down one side of my hand and like you had nasty stabbing pains with pins and needle sensations after talking to my consultant he put me on a dose of pregablin it has stopped the pain but I still have no feeling in the parts affected and was told by the surgeon that the pain will go and feeling may come back in time but it may affect other parts of my body later. Try asking your doctor for pregabalin cos numb and no pain is better than numb and suffering. Hope this helps.


the district nurse does not come out i had to go to a wound clinic.

dave thanks for the info i will contact my consultant and ask about pregablin, as i will need to know if it affects the kidneys as mine are at between 49 - 58% all the time


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