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Spreading the word

Good news!

I took a Routemap to my doctors last week and left it for the Practice Manager. She has just rung to say that she will be showing the doctors and as they have a lot of trainees she will be giving it to the tutor to see if she can build it in her teaching sessions!

They also support charities and she has agreed to add VUK to the list. They sell books etc. and donate the money on a monthly rotational basis.

I will never say anything bad about them again!!!!!!!!

I go on Monday to be a 'patient' for the PACES exams and will be taking some with me for the examiners and anyone else who is interested. So that should spread the word with the newly qualified doctors.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.

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Brilliant news Lynne :-) . John has been contacted by a Prof for Vasculitis from London this weekend and he has asked if he can work with John and Vasculitis UK.. John is hoping to meet him tomorrow at the BSR meeting.. :-))


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