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I Have HSP! What foods/drinks trigger it?


I’m 18 years old and got diagnosed with HSP a week ago. I was at the beach got this rash around my ankles and tiny dots on my legs, to me it was just the sunburn on my feet causing this but I was working 2 days after and the rash started to spread rapidly and I started to get lumps of fluid everywhere, it was sore to walk, as you can imagine I’ve never seen a rash like this and it spreading all over my legs and arms... I was so worried! So I went to the hospital and they said it was a heat rash.

The rash was getting worse and My feet were swelling up so I went to the doctors and he said he thought it was HSP of course I’ve never heard this in my life before. The next morning I got my bloods done and got seen by the doctor again and he sent me to the hospital because it got worse. The hospital said it was HSP. I’ve never heard of this disease before in my life so I wasn’t googling it and was nearly in tears when I saw it takes 4-6 weeks to recover. To me, it’s hell since it’s summer!

I’m hoping I recover sooner because I go out a lot, I work, meet up with friends and I play sports. As you can tell I can’t do any of that which is frustrating and depressing!

I have a rash over my legs, feet, elbows and thighs- at the moment the rash is getting better but there’s more spots appearing, will this keep happening?!- and I have swollen feet (they’ve gone down a lot though).

I was just wondering if anyone could help me by giving advice on:

What foods trigger it by your experience? What alcohol can you drink? Do I have to keep a strict diet? Can I still play sports with having no flare ups? Will I have this disease for life?


Carrie xx

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Hi Carrie. It is frightening when you get vasculitis. I don't know if you have found it but there's the vasculitis uk page and that has a wealth of information including about hsp. It also has a helpline where you can talk to someone 1:1 and discuss your questions, which I think would be really useful to you. The people who run the helpline also have vasculitis so they do understand your worries. The number is 0300 365 0075. I have used this helpline and it's very good. Let us know how you get on.

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