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GAP reducing methotrexate

I have had this disease for over 9 years and thankfully been in remission for a number of years. My consultant suggested that I should try and reduced my drugs, which I have very slowly over the last two years, now down to 5mg methotrexate, folic acid and 3 cotrimoxide but for the last few days I have had an upset stomache, and feeling very tired. Of course I am suspicious that this awful disease is slowly coming back. Anyone been down this route, do I wait and see what happens over the next few days or should I increase dose age. Just had a blood test done for consultants appointment 4 May but it's holidays.

I don't want to go back down the road of infusions etc, I maybe being silly, it could just be an upset stomach but I think something isn't right. Guess I should go by gut feeling.

I was hoping that I could get off the drugs completely anyone managed that yet?

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What were your symptoms when the disease wasn't controlled? Because normally if immunosuppression drops too low, and the disease comes back, you would present with those symptoms again. Is that what you're seeing? Alternatively it may just be a bug.

Sympathies and best wishes.

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The symptoms, when not controlled were too numerous to mention I nearly died as the illness was not diagnosed for several years, I think I know deep down that the methotrexate dose age is too low, guess I was being hopeful that I could get off the drugs completely.

Better to keep on a low level than have the illness back

Thanks for your reply


I agree with Viv - any new symptoms or reoccurring symptoms should always be investigated to find the cause.


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