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Ill try to make this as short as possible , I grew up in the Middle East and we left there at aged 16, by the time were in England I developed tonsillitis and then years later Crohn's disease , my grandmother has lupus and in the last year I have been diagnosed with vasculitis!! I no longer have Crohn's disease do you think vasculitis is inherited from my grandmother or is this all by chance ???? Thank you

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Vasculitis has a genetic foundation (predisposition) but isn't hereditary, although statistically there is a slightly higher probability of developing it if other family members have it. I'm aware that may seem contradictory but it relates to the fact that there's an increased risk of developing other autoimmune illnesses if you have an existing autoimmune condition.

What type of vasculitis have you been diagnosed with (there are 18 known types)?


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