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Frequently asked questions page on the Vasculitis UK website

This page is one of the most frequently visited pages visited on the VUK website. But we do not know if it answers all the questions that people would like answering. Obviously VUK cannot cover everything and the answers have to be fairly general. Please have a look at this page and tell us if there are any questions that you think we should add to the list and if you think any of the existing answers are inaccurate or misleading. Thank you.

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Dear Susan,

I have read these help pages, VERY well presented and well thought out they are, and I can't think of anything that is not covered (not that this means that there aren't any, of course).  The main problem is the number of ways that Vasculitis/Auto-immune disease(s) can 'present', especially in the first instance.

Please give my kindest regards to John please.


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Is there any reference for sores inside the nose and the best way to deal with it.I understand this is quite a frequent problem with Vasculitis.

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thank you jackrussell will make a note. also thank to everyone who has emailed us and messaged us. The Q&A is now work in progress to be updated. :-)


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