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If there's any one out there who lives in or around,Hillingdon,ruslip,harrow area who is going to have a replacement hip or knee replacement,beware,if you've seen an orthopedic doctor from Hillingdon hospital or in that area and told you that your operation will be done at mount Vernon hospital.mount Vernon is not a general/working hospital,it has no back up services anymore and does not treat a variety of different health issues,so it does not have any doctors treating vascular,heart and brain and any other dissabilitys issues and intensive care problems,so if there are any emergence issues regarding your operation,you would have to be taken to the main hospital,Hillingdon or nwp hospitals to get intensive care or other major problems regarding your operation,which takes time,no of course this is unlikely,but it happened to me,so I think they should tell you this before the operation so you have a choice of whether you have the op there or another hospital,as I remember when you see a consultant regarding an operation,you have the right to choose which hospital you want to go to with your health problems,so I would check out with the consultant you see to tell you your options available to you,in the end when I was discharged from intensive care,because I had complications with my op,they sent me to charing cross hospital which in my view was the right hospital to go to,it has every facility health wise and for me anyway has the top doctors regarding your health issues,I saw a pelvic consultant Angus lewis who as I remember was one of the top men in his field,I was very happy to have him looking after me and performing my op,now I'm not for one minute saying the other docs I saw were not qualified,but the consultant at Hillingdon who first did my op,told me that here the main man,so as I say I'm not saying that other docs and consultants are not qualified to dealing with emergency issues,but I am saying that mount Vernon does not have the facility's that a full working hospital does,so for me its charing cross because its also a teaching hospital,so of course you maybe happy with mount Vernon or other hospitals dealing with your health issues,its just my opinion that charing cross was my choice

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I've had a double hip replacement at mount Vernon hospital which is part of Hillingdon hospital,mount Vernon has no back up services if your operation goes wrong,which mine did,my artery was damaged during the op,I apparently lost half my body wait,approx 4 litres of blood,so they had to take me to the main part of Hillingdon hospital,approx 15 mins away from mount Vernon and I ended up in intensive care,so as I said no back up services,a and e,blood banks etc at mount Vernon at all,I ended up with one problem after another,anurisam,hip infection,c did infection,kidney failure.I ended up at Charing x hospital.and in my opinion go to Charing x hospital which is a teaching hospital and the consultants there are the real you do get the choice of which hospital you want to go to,so Charing x is the place to go too


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