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Mofetil nausea gone with curcumin

When the GFR is <40 patients taking MPA(Mychophenolic Acid) Mofetil at the therapeutic doses end up with GI intolerance due to excessive toxicity of glucuronides from the cellcept metabolism.

So, I looked up inhibitors for glucuronides and found curcumin.

Here is a study showing that curcumin not only inhibits glucuronides but increases the mychophenolic acid. pretreatment of 100mg/kg curcumin increased MPA effectiveness 9 fold.

So far, no nausea for my mom at 1gm per day where she always got nausea and vomitting after one day. I am giving her 885mg curcumin with each mofetil dose and an extra one inbetween her twice per day dosings of mofetil.

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Interesting. But please do make sure that the doctor who prescribes the Mycophenolate for your mom knows that she is taking a supplement. It might be particularly important if it increases the effectiveness of the MMF as this might reduce her immune system too much.

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You almost read my thoughts Richard! I am on MMF, along with other drugs and have been advised NOT to take 'supplements/herbal remedies' without the approval of my doctors/consultants.

Now I know, honestly I do, how tempting it is to take something that appears to work-now I know that this is considerably different but.....A young girl recently took, only about six, 'unlicensed diet pills' and it killed her-in fact she died in agony, despite the hospital best attempts. A lesson to us all perhaps? granted she did buy this 'drug' on the internet but still!

Ok now I've frightened you all 'half to death' I'll b-gger off.

Sorry to 'rain on your parade'- all I'm really trying to say is 'Please, please Do be carful!



Her Dr was happy that she was taking curcumin and very happy that she was able to tolerate the 1mg per day.

Her immune system is monitored and is in good health thanks to vitamin D.


I agree with both Richard and Andrew. Please do tell your mom's doctor.



I see both good and no so good reviews (proper peer reviewed articles) on curcumin. I know lots of people are on this knowing the risks. Personally, I have no faith in supplements.


Now, maybe she can go into remission from MPA because she is able to take the therapeutic dose.


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