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Back to work meeting with HR

Had my meeting today and though I was dreading it everything went well.

It was all about helping me to return to work and any help time off for appointments etc that I needed.

They are arranging for the occupational health team to visit and see what I need now and in the future.

I am going to do a phased return to work and I can say if I need time off or to alter my shifts etc

I am now looking forward to returning to work as I know that help is at hand, I knew the staff team and my manager would have done all this but to get the company backing has made it so much easier for us all.

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Hi mollie,ive been off for 7 mth now click me name for med history.Ive had a home visit from HR and Bupa doc occ health .I do a manual job and bupa have classed me as unfit for my current role,and have suggested to company that looking for office work would be prudent.Ive spoke to hr manager and no job will be created for me but he will send out any vacancies.On half pay til june I asked if no position what woulod be the end game he said ill health retirement.It is starting to look like this is the route im on.Im lucky in that ive pension to fall back on.Im 51 in feb.Glad your sorted at your work its less stress to think about ,bad enough all this illness without the hassle.Best of luck to you when you get back. Ill not hold my breath too much for a return but you never know I suppose .


Glad you feel supported i got help through ot at work which oddly enough is the dreaded atos So when I can no longer cope with work will be interesting as I will have to be assessed by them and if am medically retired will have to face them for esa


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