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Gluten free and anti-inflammatory diet

My mum, 72, has been suffering from Leukocytoclastic Vasculties for about 7 years now. Her kidney function has been deteriorating gradually till stage 3 CKD but recently her eGFR dropped from 47 to 39 within 3 months. She has tried one course of Predisone but did not continue with this treatment due to the side effects. Currently, we are trying to control this sickness by working on her diet, e.g cutting down gluten, taking non-inflammatory food like pure olive oil. I am still reading up on turmeric tea.

Would appreciate any advice from you all. Many thanks!

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Hi Cricket

If your mum is taking cyclophosphamide by any chance then she should not have turmeric (or grapefruit juice for that matter). I can't remember why not, I just know it isn't a good idea.

If you look on the V-UK website: and scroll down to the PDF for Autumn 2010 you will find a list of anti-inflammatory foods. If you can't open the PDF let me know. I used anti-inflammatory foods when I was trying to get rid of the Pred weight and wanted to feel happier in myself. I didn't do this instead of, but in conjunction with, my medication.

It is the Prednisolone which reduces the inflammation, so if your mum could not tolerate Pred what did her doctors suggest? Have you discussed this method of trying to control your mum's illness with the medical team?



Dear Cricket,

Yes I agree that your mum should stay away from grapefruit, along with pineapple and also be 'carful' with other citrus fruits. I know that this sounds contradictory, to the advice given by current thinking, but people with immune-problems have to have 'special', and infact, fairly limited diets. Trust me it gets worse if, like me, you end up on dialysis. Mind you I'm NOT complaining, after all, I'm ALIVE; sixteen years after I was 'certain' to die!

Do discuss your mum's case, with her consultants, and try not to worry too much- hard I know!

Also please do look at the vasculitis web site. Do you have the 'rad map for Vasculitis'? If not contact John, can't remember his web address, of hand, but leave him a message on here and, I'm sure , he will 'come back' to you.

Good luck, please let me,us all, know how you get on, will you?



Thanks, Patricia and Andrew. I am reading through the materials you have referred to.

My mum have not taken cyclophosphamide. Currently, doctors have prescribed telmisartan (120 mg per day) and frusemide (40 mg) and her next check up is In July. Basically, her current treatment is to control her blood pressure to prevent further deterioration in her kidneys. The doctor has held back asking her to continue with prednisone as IgA Lambda was found in her urine and she has been asked to see a haematologist in July too. I have asked her dietitian to see if she can try turmeric tea. Will certainly not venture further on my own without the greenlight from her consultants. Thanks for your input!


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