What to ask your doctor

Every time I go to the doctor I wish I'd written out a list of questions to ask, especially about medications. Here's a list of asthma-related questions (depending on your symptoms):

1. What is the name and purpose of the medication?

2. When and how do I use it?

3. What changes in symptoms can I expect when using the medication?

4. What are common side effects?

5. Are there other medication options?

6. How soon should I start noticing improvement in symptoms after using the medication?

7. What do I do if symptoms don’t improve within that time period?

8. Where should the medication be stored (i.e., in the refrigerator to keep it cool or in a place to avoid humidity, heat, or cold)?

More questions: allergyasthmanetwork.org/ed...

What are some questions you always ask your doc? Share here...

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