Postnasal Drip

Last week I developed sore throat and swollen throat glands. I almost completely lost my voice. So I went to the doctor and it's not strep throat. Instead I was diagnosed with a bad case of postnasal drip.

Instead of an antibiotic, the doc prescribed me with Claritin to smooth out the mucus. It helped some. My voice is almost back, but there's still some soreness in my throat and now my ear is aching a bit.

Any thoughts on curing postnasal drip? This is really bothersome.

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Hi RealGF - one of the strangest sounding things I can offer seems to help quite well, but it does take a little while to work. Get some Extra Virgin Oil of your choice (I like coconut), and get a tablespoon. Put a tablespoon in your mouth, then swish vigorously for around 20 minutes. Spit it in the trash - don't swallow it - it is loaded with debris, and don't spit in the sink if you are using coconut. Coconut oil solidifies at 75 degrees and can build up and block the pipes.

My dear hubby had a huge issue with postnasal drip and allergies but after he started doing this is helped a lot. Also, he quit snoring as much so, bonus! If you try it, let me know what you think. It has also made a huge difference in our teeth and gums since it is so antibacterial. Take care!


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