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Prostate Cancer

This is probably an idiotic idea, but please hear me out and then tell my why I'm wrong. Assuming a drug like atezolizumab works in only a small percentage of patients. Let's say we know that if patient A has success with the drug and we juxtapose him with a patient B who failed to respond can we assume that the difference in these patients is in their immune systems and not the biology of their cancers.

If blood types could be matched why couldn't you remove enough immune cells, on the order of say the provenge model and then replicate and infuse them into patient B.

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  • Targeted drugs, are targeted against specific Gene Mutations, for their main purpose of use.

    These drugs allow for DNA specifically to have the body do repair, while holding the Gene Mutation which damages DNA in check.

    Lets take a real situation. For those with the BRCA-2 Mutation, there is a Targeted Drug, Olaparib, It has a 30+% success rate with those that have this mutation. Another 20% had a halt in the disease march. The last 50 % had no improvement, and the disease continued.

    Many had a second mutation, and only responded to the drug, partially, as the other mutation, would need its own specific drug. Remember, by the time we treat these people, they are way into their 4th stage.

    I have asked my Oncologists at the Levine Cancer Institute, why not treat early on. The costs were the answer. And the FDA has not approved certain drugs for use against Prostate Cancer, even though they are approved for other cancers.

    Went down a rabbit hole, but when dealing with mutations, you are in effect dealing with the immune system, with targeted drugs. The immune system is more than T cells.

    Immunology treatment of T cells to train them to attack a cancer, has to be for the most part designed to treat that specific individual, with their specific gene mutations/pathologies. This disease, is not one disease, but many, many.

    Probably did not help you--my thoughts.


  • Different subject...Gene mutations and targeted therapy, but it's a great subject. I wish I knew where to go for such treatment.

    Thanks for the response

  • Leaving the house---but can respond later---where do you live?


  • Old Lyme CT

  • Old Lyme--one of my favorite hangouts as a 19 year old. WOW.


  • How old are you now if you don't mind saying

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