Understanding Clinical Trials

Education before Participation – What is a Clinical Trial?

Happy Monday everyone! We're going to be starting a weekly series where we provide answers to important questions regarding clinical trial participation. This week's question is: What is a Clinical Trial?

A Clinical Trial is a research study conducted with human volunteers in order to answer specific health questions. These trials are the fastest and safest way to find new treatments and improve health. Trials that involve the use of new treatments are called interventional trials. Whereas trials that observe humans in their natural settings are called observational trials.

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How shall we be participating ? The people from different countries have different lifestyles and food habits.

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It would be great to share information about the various topics as it relates to your country. It's always good to hear different perspectives.


Hi I am in Scotland and taking part in a clinical trial taking part at the A K Rowling institute in Edinburgh. They are trying to see if CBT is an effective treatment for reducing or stopping dissociative seizures. I am unable to drive due to having these and will travel approx 35 miles by patient transport service.

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