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Me Your Kidney & I - New Podcast

Hi, Hope it is OK to leave this message here. I am in the process of launching a podcast based on interviews with people involved with kidney transplantation, including pre and post transplant patients, donors, doctors, specialists etc. As a kidney transplant recipient myself I am hoping to meet people and talk about their experiences of transplantation and how it will/has changed and improved their lives, and hopefully highlight the importance of donor registration to a wider audience.

I had a kidney transplant when I was 10 years old, 30 years later and I still have the same kidney. The whole experience changed my life, I’ve travelled the world, been to university, got married and now have 2 children, all of which I don’t think my parents thought I would achieve when I was first born. My hope is the podcast will reveal how important donor transplantation is and the positive affects it has on peoples lives, and not just the recipient of the kidney, but also their families and the families of the donors.

i am planning to release one 30 minute interview each week and initially I want to get 3-5 episodes recorded before I launch the project officially. Episode one will be about my own experiences growing up with hypoplastic kidneys.

I was hoping to see if there were people who would be happy to talk about their experiences and appear on the show as a guest. I am London based, but can meet for interviews or organised an interview over the phone,

If you would like further information please feel free to get in touch meyourkidneyandi@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @meyourkidneyi

Hope to hear from you soon,


Rob Sandy

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So pleased to read such a positive story! My partner has just had a kidney transplant and is recovering well !


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