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This an annual stress of mine but this last year and this one to come it's going to be alot more than once a year

I have to travel up to Liverpool, by rail, from the South Coast tommorrow

Most times I have to book in advance but not always

Anyway I normally go via London and catch the Virgin Trains

from Euston. Thier trains are like horrible cylinders and all dark red and hot and everyone looks well miz on them

Because I couldn't book the seat I wanted I'm having to go cross-country changing hither and thither but at least the trains are more spacious than Virgin's

I stress out for ages because I have to have a particular spot on the train and it's called an airline gangway seat

My tics are mostly on my left side; I'm constantly looking to my left; I have a left arm/elbow tic; left leg get the picture

I can't sit for hours on end facing some miserable sour-faced party-poopers staring at me wondering wtf is going on....even though I'm smiling and at first try to them

So I have to have an 'airline seat which faces the back of the seat in fronnt.

I have to have the aisle to my left esle Ill be nudging the person next to me ther whole journey and I can't sit on the left hand side of the train next to the window (which would ordinarily sort ot the left side tic problem) but as I'm a bit claustro it makes me tic even more with the feeling of being trapped

What a palava - why can't I just go away for the weekend like everybody else!

Oh yeah, I've got Tourette's

Could be worse I suppose eh

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Trains are a nightmare, Virgin trains are horrible, I'm sorry to say, I hate sitting facing the back of another seat, I need a bit more space, plus also I got called a "f%"!ing skitso" on a vorgin train to London once, the staff did nothing. I much prefer London Midland trains, nicer staff, airer more spacious trains. I find listening to music helps but I need to be careful what I listen too, Flight of the Conchords is best at the mo, but I have to be careful not to laugh. If the TA girlies read this please put me on a London Midland train please (they're cheeper than Virgin). Did you read my post about public transport - searh through the tags.



Trainspotting is one of my favourite films, a classic.


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