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ADHD diagnosis

Since watching a TV programme a couple of years ago I have suspected that I too have ADHD. I have researched it online and taken several online 'tests' which have scored me extremely likely to have ADHD. I feel a bit silly going to the doctor to try for a diagnosis at my age as it is thought of as a childhood condition. But a diagnosis would settle my mind and also explain to my partner some of my behaviours that he finds upsetting or irritating. Has anyone else had a separate diagnosis from their TS or was it discovered at the same time. Is there any other route I can go down for a diagnosis?

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I always knew my son had ADHD but the doctors told me I was looking for excuses for his bad behaviour! I didn't know he had tourettes (in fact I knew nothing about tourettes) until he was diagnosed about 2.5 years ago (he's 17 now) and he got the ADHD diagnosis a few months later.

If you think you have ADHD speak to your consultant or doctor. I bet there are thousands of adult ADHD sufferers out there who have not been diagnosed because it has really only become more known over the past 10 years or so.


I have known for so many years that i suffered from TS, but i have never had it diagnosed, when i was a child in the 1940s 50s i suffered so much, but then there was no such thing as a diagnoses for TS, or i would not have thought so, i to have read up on TS using the internet, mind you it steadied me when a young man about what i thought about others that suffered, not only TS, i remember when i used to visit the town for one reason or another i would often pass a man sweeping the streets, and he used to have this head and shoulder tick, others used to laugh and make his life hell, and say he was a nutter, i felt so sorry for him, but that was the way it was in those days, its great that those days have gone to some extent, and TS can be diagnosed now, but a little late for me, i think, although i may go see my doctor about it, just to see what happens.


You could go private if you can afford to. The Maudsley in London does NHS and Private I think. Or, as you probably had to for a TS diagnosis, go to your GP with some info and just ask to be referred. I had to be re-referred (long story) and they'll send you to a general psych first and then on to a specialist. A TS diagnosis may be a help or a hindrance: they are known co-morbidities so it makes your likelihood of having ADHD more likely, but TS can also mask some of the symptoms of ADHD which is why they like to refer to a specialist who hopefully knows enough to recognise it. The waiting lists are quite long but good luck!



I discovered TS in 1997 when I was 46yo, I was dxd in 1998

Afterwards people asked why I only got a TS dx and I said that's all I needed

Over the ensuing years qwell-meaning peolle have said to me I should see a neuro again to get an ADHD/OCD dx

I said I didn;t see the point

Anyhow, at the behest of my ace GP, I saw a neuro eight days ago and guess what.....I forgot to get an ADHD or an OCD dx

What a dope eh!

I probably did and it's probably in the letter winging it's way to m y GP but, in truth, I know what I have (they're both, as well as the TS) very noticeable and don't really need anybody to tell me officially

I'm seeing my GP on the 7th March so will let you know the outcome


Saw my GP yesterday and have officially been dxd by the neuro with ADHD/OCD and have been given a prescription for 2mg of Risperidone which I haven't cashed in yet but might do it tomorrow


Don't feel stupid for suspecting ADHD. My son has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. Google ADHD solutions in Leicester they have a brilliant website which may help.

When I spoke to my sons ADHD nurse I asked if he would grow out of it, like you thinking it was a childhood thing. She said that if there were 30 children in a room with ADHD one third would have no symptoms as adults, one third would have mild but manageable symptoms and the other third would go onto to be adults with ADHD. It affects 6%ish of the population not all children from support groups I have been to i have met many adults with it who have been diagnosed as adults. People with ADHD are very likely to have co morbid diagnosis with other conditions such as TS, Aspergers autism etc so don't feel stupid get it diagnosed so you can get help and support. Good luck


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