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Fenella has been busy

Fenella has been busy

Day by day I’m turning into Fenella the Witch, do you remember her? The crabby Welsh witch from “Cholton and the Wheelies” who lived in a giant kettle? With the increasing bathroom mould and my foul mood it seems quite obvious to me – all I need is a big kettle to move into.

I don’t mean to whinge on but my mind has been on other things so this blog post is a bit late (darn those wheelies) rather than my rather scatty and incoherent state of mind I’d like to let you know about the next support group meeting in the West Midlands, it will be on Saturday, 29th October, from 1.30pm to 4pm at KVCC, Keresley End, Warwickshire. (Please message me for more details) This meeting will be for the children and teens as much as the adults so please bring your kids along as there will be some crafty, spooky activities for them. Don’t forget the regular fundraising raffle and also I’ll have some Tourettes Action goodies for sale too.

Here’s the Facebook event -

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