A Message to Dr Stern

A Message to Dr Stern

I’ve mulling over some of the points that have been made both during the conference and in the TA research blog….basically I seem to buck the trend. At a petite 5’2”, 9 ½ stone and somewhere between a size 8 and 10 I must confess I’m probably one of the rare breed of women who are fairly happy with their weight, I’ve gained about 1stone and my feminine curves are bit more curvier since starting risperidone but I’ve learnt to live with the extra stone and my skinny jeans have sadly been neglected but never mind.

I would also like to draw your attention to my desk, this is only a small proportion of the chaos that surrounds me, I can only dream about having a desk like secretary B or a bookshelf like your friend, in fact one of my friends (who has TS) has similar colour coded bookshelf, mine is ordered by author (sort of), however being a musician I’ve acquired quite a few CDs, for practical reasons these are in alphabetical order and catalogued. (A friend of mine still has my Sgt Pepper album after 10 years – maybe I should get another.) With regards to everything else I find it virtually impossible to keep things tidy, I just seem to accumulate a mass of superfluous items, my pan cupboard is a disaster, and there must be some kind of art to stacking saucepans so they don’t come at you when you open the cupboard. When I was teaching Miss Mosey’s desk was known as a place where things were likely to disappear into some kind of abyss, I was greeted one morning after an hour of non-contact time with “OH MY GOD MISS, you’ve tidied your desk!” …I found a missing yr 11 group hiding under a mass of MIDI leads and worksheets! I do try to be organised I also try to keep still as maybe staying in one place may help but again I’m compelled to go on the move, maybe there should be some before and after photos taken of the TA office before I leave, I’m creating havoc and compulsively eating all the biscuits.

Well I should really crack on with what I’m supposed to be doing and stop procrastinating and get on with the task of writing my business plan, working out cash-flow and working out sales forecasts are tough going for a disorganised soul like me.

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  • I was pretty jelous of secretary B and the bookshelf too! My room looks like a bomb site!

  • I removed the cat but the crumbs are still there. Lovely to meet you at the conference.

  • Thanks for the comment.

    Secretary B is happy everyone likes her desk!

    It's all about how obsessional a person is and whether it tips into being a problem rather than an asset. Quite a lot of people with TS do have tidy desks....

  • I've always been a very messy, disorganised person no matter how hard I try. A woman I know has dyspraxia, as does her son and there are quite a lot of similarities between us, constantly loosing things, forgetting things, being clumsby and have a poor concept of time. I was absoloutely HOPELESS at PE in school, the netball team with Mosey on it would surely loose ( so I constantly had a cold/period/loosing PE kit), I have a diabolical sense of balance (my dad didn't remove my stabalizers until I was about

    11)- to be honest I was a disaster when I did my CBT (compulsary basic trainning) for riding a motorbike, I came off 3 times, the last time I landed in a spectacular fashion in the ditch head first! and I still couldn't organise myself out of a paperbag. I haven't been diagnosed with either dyspraxia or dyslexia, I never been screened for them as I seemed to scrape by in the top set at school.

    However a friend with TS has an emaculate flat with colour sorted bookshelves.