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Big changes coming soon :S

Big changes coming soon :S

Okay so I am getting pretty worried now. Next Wednesday there will be a meeting between MK social services/mental health team (one and the same apparently...), my care company and my parents. I will get the pleasure of sitting there listening to everyone arguing about how my life should go on and inevitably there will be tears or that awkward moment at the beginning where my Dad tries to make 'friendly' conversation with my Step-Dad. Yes I may have Aspergers but I can see someone pretending to be friendly a mile off!

I have found a flat. It is one bedroom and has a garden. In other words it is perfect for me and the bunnies. Maybe not so much for Mr. Tourettes but I suppose that is something I have to learn to cope with. It is in a medium sized village near Cambridge and it has it's own pet shop, vets, local corner shop and buses every 20 minutes. If you compare that to my current place which has only a Koi carp breeder, an overpriced garage on the side of the A1 (which only sells junk food and milk...) and a bus which is supposed to run every half an hour but usually turns up 10-15 minutes after the scheduled time... it makes the other village look brill!

I am really struggling with independence in this current place. The bus drivers on the route I take are all overworked, tired and therefore rude. The other day an argument broke out in the bus queue as a man pushed past us all and decided he had more right than anyone to get on first (even though the queue had over 50 people in it and he was at the back). Several people objected and then Mr Tourette decided to shout 'B*****D' Mr. Queue skip decided to take offence and the bus driver told him if he carried on like that he would call the police. Great I thought... until the bus driver told me that if I swore again he would kick me off the bus... I said 'I have Tourettes' and he said 'I'm sorry you have Tourettes, I really am but I can't tolerate that behaviour on my bus'. I was thinking of a witty retort along the lines of 'okay then, you pay my taxi fares for the rest of my life then I won't ever bother you again...' but instead I burst into tears. My friend was with me and promised that if anything happened HE would call the police! Sorry that went a bit off topic but it was to do with my TS so I suppose it was still in topic...

Mr Tourettes doesn't like being locked up. I suppose I don't either. I know I am not locked up in the conventional sense, I am allowed freedom as I am 'informal' but It still feels like I can't go anywhere or do anything by myself because I need so much to rely on other people. I'm really hoping that my request to move into my own flat is taken seriously and that I get somewhere good in life for once. Right now I need some good news.

(also as Catherine mentioned unwanted black and white pets, My picture is going to be of my black and white rabbit!)

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For a number of years my Mamgu had a black and white cat called Cindy. I think she could have been a tuxedo cat Felix from the cat food adverts. How long will the flat process take? There's nasty changes afoot with Housing Benefit so if you get it now to pay for accomodation hold on and talk to the social worker about HB.