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A bad few weeks

Well I have moved house, got a dongle for broadband and I can watch DVDs on my TV but still haven't quite got enough money for a license. I have been watching the TV downstairs to get my fix but I think I shouldn't because I might get into Emmerdale or something... Unfortunately I haven't been very well (In the head) for the past few weeks. This particular depression episode appears to have been brought on by the intense stress of moving house AND having a family emergency within a few weeks of each other. That and there is a jerk in my new house who kept nicking things from my fridge and turning it off all the time making me lose up to £20 worth of food at a time.

I attempted to... well join Jenifer in the afterlife. I wasn't thinking straight and I ended up in a psychiatric ward for three days. Luckily my mood swang back round to extreme happiness while I was there and they let me out. It wasn't all bad though because now I am getting a psychiatrist, psychologist and the crisis team are keeping a close eye on me. They, and I, are beginning to question the intensity of my mood swings which worries me a bit because I think I might be about to get yet another label!

After spending those three miserable days in a psych ward (trust me, they don't understand lactose intolerant vegetarians!), I suddenly realised just how good my new house actually was. I was missing the routine of my old house, not the actual house (although the peace and quiet was nice!). The team leader of my new house agreed to meet up with me once a week to discuss any issues, my room was sorted out so we could put the fridge in it (thus no more thievery), my rabbit who was let out by an over-enthusiastic resident is now padlocked in (which I am not too happy about but c'est la vie!) and the staff have been given a telling off because they were not really acting very professional when I arrived. Things seem to be settling down at last.

Finally, I am going to the doctor on Monday to get a referral to an OT (occupational therapist) to see if I can get any mobility equipment. I also have to get a proper helmet because my Tourettes is now slamming me down on the floor head first and the rugby helmet doesn't help that much :( Hopefully it won't take too long!

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My grandmother's been watching Emmerdale since 1973, it helped her to learn English.

I had a theiving flatmate, he thought he was helping his church by pilfering wait for it.....any food that doesn't require much preperation and has english cooking instructions (my other housemates were from Ukraine and Zimabwae and had already become used to this guy's little ways) toilet roll, bed linen, crockery, videos, tampons (??!!! honest), make-up, clothes (both mine and belonging to a girlfriend of one of the others), cutlery, anything left in the bathroom and a cheque made out to the landlord. After a while all you'd find in the kitchen was crockery and cutlery for one, a rice cooker (he didn't know how to use it) soya mince (my staple, too complicated and weird for him) stuff from a Polish shop, crab sticks (vile), and fresh veg from cov market.

My room was the front downstairs room and I often had the door open if I was working at my desk, to let the air circulate as the house was quite damp and he walks past and sees me with a load of food and bog roll on my desk and says "you've got buiscuts..." yes...and..."why?" He figured out how to pick a lock and I came back the next day and found a desk full of empty packets. :(


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