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Careful with that Axe Eugene

Today I could do with somebody with an axe to come along and chop my head off, most of my bothersome tics are from the neck up, excluding the coprolalia, which doesn’t really bother me that much but does have the potential to get me into trouble. Vocally there’s a load of snorts and sniffs and the “cluck” it’s not quite a snort and not quite a cluck, it could be described as a kind of guttural stop with my mouth closed, this tic can keep me awake as it just goes on and on, it also keeps Pete awake, I enquire why he is grumpier than usual “Well you haven’t been kept awake all night by CLUCK, CLUCK, CLUCK” he says imitating my annoying tic. He is quite pleased that I do now have something that will make me sleep – Zopiclone, I’d rather the remedy be more natural so I’m trying to avoid using them so have three nights of sleepless tossing, turning, sniffing, neck cracking, Pac-man-noise making (a small raspberry), whistling and clucking and then a night of deep sleep with a fuzzy day with a head-ache the next day.

Something else that kept me awake last night was my neck, I don’t just crack my neck whilst upright, I do it also whilst horizontal, I also tried to do it whilst wearing my helmet the other day, that was frustrating as I couldn’t tip my head back far enough to perform the tic so either wearing my helmet or some kind of neck brace to stop this tic would just drive me insane as I just wouldn’t be able to get the crack that gives me the tic satisfaction. Obviously as I’m doing this throughout the day (now is no exception, oow-CRACK, oow – CRACK) it does cause some pain, so I slept last night (eventually) with a warm wheat pillow around my neck and a couple of co-codamol. Sadly, this is something I forgot to mention to my TS specialist, along with the fact that I forget stuff, like this for example and the time when I absently mindedly whilst in Home Bargains put something in my handbag, now I’d like to point out I’ve NEVER shoplifted, In my misspent youth I did have a friend who had got banned from Woolies in Llanelli for nicking pick’n’mix, I would also dutifully pay for mine, so nicking shower gel (price 99p) from Home Bargains isn’t my style, however I think if I was to shoplift I’d go the whole hog and try my luck in Harvey Nicks rather than Home Bargains (JOKE!!).

Yep, I forgot to mention that I’ve only got one aromatherapy session left, these sessions that been incredibly helpful, as you can imagine after a month of neck cracking my neck, shoulders and back are full of painful knots, the type that if somebody touches them I yelp in pain. This pain and stiffness can also be a bit of a pain (in the neck, ha-ha, sorry for the pun) there I was in the village shop and somebody calls me and says hello, I turn my head around, and OOOWWWW!!!! I shuffle home in pain with my groceries. This then triggers off a whole load of neck cracking. Unfortunately my next session will be my last, whether or not I can get some more sessions lined up will be another matter but from a professional who has done a degree in complimentary therapies and practices from a clinical perspective and works alongside people who are medically trained, she has told me that I’ll be given a list of alternatives, other practitioners who are as well trained as her will be expensive, and only financially accessible to those who shop at Harvey Nicks rather than those people who are on benefits and shop at Home Bargains. Alternatively I could go along to a training faculty, rather like where I get my hair cut and get a trainee beauty-therapist (GVNQ rather than a BSc) who would also offer me a manicure or facial, which would be nice. I did also have a thought the other day, if I couldn’t get any more sessions perhaps I could also get them and sessions with a chiropractor paid for? Or would I be pushing my luck? tourettes-action.org.uk/ta-...

I have been in hiding this weekend, I’m not a big fan of the Royal family, and I’ve been watching the Godfather trilogy. I would have posted the Sex Pistols “God Save the Queen” but that would be very naughty so here are the Royale family. A couple of naughty words some reckon my brother looks like Our Anthony.

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