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Dr Jazz

Dr Jazz

Now that I’ve recovered from my little trip to London after a nice long lie in until 12.30, I’ll fill you in about what I’ve been up to. Firstly my response to the condem’s proposals for DLA has been published on the TA website, so if you have a few moments would you please take a look and tell what you think about these plans before I write my next response about the Personal Independence Payment in July. .

Back to me (it’s all me, me, me isn’t it?) today I had an appointment with my psychiatrist which was well needed considering what’s been going on. Strangely enough since last night I’ve been in a pretty good mood, positively buoyant so I think he was a bit surprised by my state of mind this afternoon. At the moment I feel like I’m ready to tackle the next challenge that comes my way. However I’ll back over that way on Friday to be assessed to see what support I need. This time he hasn’t adjusted my meds (vennax) but seemed a bit concerned that I’m not currently on any meds for my TS, I’m not concerned, and asked if I wanted to go back on Risperidone. I told him I wasn’t to bothered, it’s the depressive states that are the real problem, at the moment I’m like some kind of human yoyo. Well, lets just see what happens on Friday, first of all I have to go and see my GP to get a sick note to get Employment and Support Allowance until I’m a bit more settled. Wish me luck. Here’s a song that reminds me of my psychiatrist -

Does anybody else have that? When they hear somebody’s name a song pops into your head?

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Opps, wrong link above for the PIP response, this is the right link - .