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Hello everyone. Are there any known links between eating disorders and TS?

I have had low level physical tics for over 50 years but have only just begun to read about the subject of TS and have realised the links to other things that I have had - high levels of anxiety and some depression and at one time severe agrophobia. I'm wondering if a compulsion to eat is connected - or am I just greedy!!

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On the tourettes website there are a vast expanse of different links to Tourette syndrome & eating disorders are amongst them as well as a lack of sense of direction. I feel for me at least, that keeping a fairly balanced blood sugar helps somewhat besides avoiding the obvious blood sugar swings but the knock on effect that it has on mood etc. So yes I believe that it does have an effect.


Thank you - I will look at the website. What you say about blood sugar levels makes sense as the urge to over eat often starts with a feeling of tiredness. Thanks again.


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