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Aliens Ate My Buick

Aliens Ate My Buick

I haven’t really had my Buick eaten by aliens, so I have to take the train instead. I never had a Buick in the first place and this little chap on the train is way too nice to go around eating peoples cars. All this travelling on public transport reminds me that I should really get a wiggle on and do my CBT ( that’s compulsory basic training for motorcyclists) and get myself a bike, having my own transport would improve my job prospects slightly but in the mean time it’s buses and trains for me.

A few of my ticcer friends avoid public transport as buses and trains can be harsh places for us ticcers. The first hurdle is getting on the bus, I always dread that I might get told to get off by the driver after “F^&%* OFF daysaver please” cross fingers I haven’t been thrown off a 36 yet or had a Facebook fanpage created in my honour “The woman with turrets on the 36” or “you know your from Keresley when you’ve seen the woman with turrets on the 36” Buses are one of the things that trigger my tics it’s that situation of being in lose proximity of strangers, some of whom like to have a good stare at you ticcing. “Mummy what’s wrong with the lady?” that’s the adults as well as small kids. This staring behaviour is expected in small children, in fact it’s quite endearing but in adults it can feel a bit disturbing, for example, although the tube is a different form of transport there was a man blatantly staring at me, he was seated I was standing and holding onto a handrail above me, I swayed so I couldn’t see his staring face, when I swayed back again he was still staring! There was an incident on the tube quite a while ago when I got blessed by an elderly Irishman !!!???!!! Now I’m a good Catholic ( he hopes).

Trains aren’t as bad as buses (cramped) tube (hot and sweaty) I have met some interesting people on trains, on my way back from London I met the guy who wrote the music for “Helicopter Heroes” on the whole people on trains either avoid me and tut, whisper loudly so everyone including me can hear “she’s got Tourette’s” or the brave one who actually come and talk to me. I like those fellow travellers who like to strike up a conversation, I’m a sociable person and I love to find out about other people, I’m quite nosey really, people are fascinating, usually these people find my TS fascinating and ask me questions, usually I don’t mind answering, it’s good to debunk a few myths and leave people with a positive view of people with TS.

So if you see me on a train please come and have a chat, like my alien friend in the picture I’m quite friendly, I don’t bite, you won’t catch any nasty diseases from me and do enjoy meeting new people, strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.

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