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Everybody’s Happy Nowadays

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays

I’ve just totalled up how much I’ve raised for Tourettes Action by taking part in the Knitathon £165 so a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored me!

I started today off with a nice warm bath trying to avoid the Royal Wedding, today is also my first day without Aripiprazole, after having a chat with my consultant yesterday , well it was mainly his idea ( maybe he read my last blog post or maybe he read my mind) but my general mental health at the moment is more important than a load of tics so from now on it’s just me and the techniques that I’ve learnt through Habit Reversal Training….scary, as I think the disappearance of Mr Susan ( head jerking tic) was due more to the Aripiprazole rather than me making sure I do the competing response when I felt the urge. I’m finding it quite tricky to do the competing response for my leg-hitting tic though, it’s quite difficult to sit on your hands when you’re doing things, which I like to do most of time as when I’m not doing something I usually squeezing my Playdoh to stop me from pulling my hair. Oh well, I’ll just keep trying.

I’m still giggling to myself over some of things my consultant says, he’s a lovely, funny guy, I’m not sure if he deliberately comes out with these funny things or it just came out that way. I think it could be a deliberate attempt to cheer me up.

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Massive congratulations on the fundraising Catherine - thank you from us all at Tourettes Action!


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