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Whatever and Ever Amen

Whatever and Ever Amen

I’m feeling done in, whatever! I haven’t had a good nights sleep for a long time, not since I started on the Aripiprazole, I’m feeling done I by my tics and just a little bit of love and support would go a long way but somehow I must be misguided if I think I’m going to get anything more than a “whatever”. I don’t know if it’s the natural waxing and waning of my TS or now that my body’s got less Aripiprazole swimming around it’s system but my legs are again full of bruises and somehow my bad bra tics (twisting my torso and shoulders) have spread down my arms and legs and somehow I’ve hurt my wrist.

On the plus side I’m seeing my consultant tomorrow and it’ll be interesting to see what he thinks the next plan of action should be. In an ideal world I would like to be med free and be able to tic freely and have the support that I need ( a little shoulder massage would nice, just a little one, please) but that isn’t going to happen unless my grumpy frog turns into my prince charming which the chances of that happening are very slim. I’m off now, off to see my business start up advisor, so see you soon.


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