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Has anybody done HRT and has seen positive effect on tics?

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Hello, I have had Tourette’s since childhood but I have lived a normal life since my 20ies as it more or less disappeared. Over the last years, especially the last year, it has gone much worse. I even have urges to shout words and embarrassing phrases which I never had before. I am 47, I suspect there is a link with pre- menopause. Has anybody done HRT and has seen a positive effect on tics? I am on medication ( Risperidone). I am wondering if I should treat the hormonal imbalance instead? Is anybody in this situation? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, although I'm not able to offer any direct advise with your question, I can signpost you to our list of consultants who are specialists in the field of TS. You could speak with your GP about getting a referral to a specialist to discuss the recent development in your TS. You'll need to contact the Tourettes Action helpdesk for a copy of the list: help@tourettes-action.org.uk

That would be great. I would like to know if someone else has experienced an increase of tics due to premenopause and whether HRT might solve the problem. Also I contacted TA help desk before and they kindly gave me a list of Tourette specialist consultants. The only one in Scotland seems to be out with my area for NHS and going to see her and pay myself would be far too much. I would very much welcome some feedback from other consultants though. Thank you for replying so quickly.

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