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I'm a 16 year old female, since I can remember I have sniffled. I couldnt hold it in without feeling agitated and only a few years ago (2-3) years ago they changed into moving my cheeks like I was adjusting my glasses which then escalated into having to roll my shoulder which really agitates me and irritates my body if I dont do it. I get goodebumps after because its a release. Should I go to the doctor or something, is this tourettes?

Because my phone stopped working I can't add to the shoulder one but I used to gasp when I did it.

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Hi, I'm Colin from Banbury. I should go to your Dr's in the first instance, let him/her know exactly what you have just written, personally I believe that you have got Tourettes. I suffered a long time like yourself first with small niggling little twitches, then over a short period of time, I started getting quite aggressive involuntary muscle spasms. These would come on at anytime, and would hurt on occasions, depending on which part of me went into spasm. I was lucky I have an excellent Dr, who picked up on my symptoms and sent me for test's, which came back as 'Tourettes'. I was very surprised at this because like a lot of people, I thought Tourettes was just involuntary shouting aloud. I was put onto the drug " Mebeverine", which stopped the spasms all most immediately. You need to tell your Dr what you think it is, and ask for a referall to a Dr who deals with this syndrome.

Sometimes we have to be a little forceful with our GPS, and really insist for a referall. Why suffer any longer, it can have a major problem with your social life. If you need to talk about this anymore, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. All the very best with your Dr.



Hi there

Thanks so much for getting in touch. Please look at our website as there is so much information on there

If you can call the helpline we can send you a range of leaflets, but you can find them on the website

If you call the helpdesk they can send you leaflets and also send you information about how to go about seeing a specialist who might give a diagnosis Helpdesk 0300 777 8427 The helpdesk can also send you leaflets about being diagnosed and we have a list of specialists that you can request and then ask your GP to refer you. Your GP is also welcome to contact us – or you can take some of the leaflets with you if you go?

For people that do have a diagnosis some find an ID card helpful – which they can show people to explain why they are moving and making noises

Tourettes Action is here to help so please do email of call the helpdesk and look at our website, you can contact us whenever you need

Very best wishes



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