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Two years ago, I awoken with a tightness around my chest, the feeling stayed with me all day. That day, I went to my doctors & he took a set of bloods, after two weeks I received the results & I got the all clear, but the pain was still present. After another two months of the tightness getting worst, I visited my local a&e department and told them about the symptoms I have been suffering, they did 1 x ECG, 1 x X-ray and a set of bloods, after many hours I was told that my results were clear & there was no indication of a heart problem, but again the pain was still there. The doctor had noticed that my sternum (breastbone) was swollen but felt because the swelling was not deep in the chest it was not something to worry about. After 10 more months I was still suffering this chest pain but now it was accompanied by pins and needles in the left arm at the wrist and a tightness in my neck, I went back to the a&e and again the above tests were taking and again all clear and my doctor sat me down and explained that because the ECG and X-ray had been compared with the previous one, there was NO indication anything had changed. I went to my GP and told him that despite numerous tests I can still feel this awful heaviness on my chest and it is now making me anxious, he gave me forms to get bloods taking and checked my cholesterol levels, the results came back and he told me that I had a very healthy cholesterol and all of the other tests have come back normal. He done a examination of my chest and he pressed into my chest wall and I yelped in pain to such a degree I cried, he then touched the other side and again the pain was intense, he then said realised that my breasts have turned blue! YES BLUE! he also noticed stretch marks on my breasts, he then come to a conclusion, because I am 34FF and I have stopped wearing bra's, my breasts have pulled that much on my chest wall, they have caused a traction within the wall of the chest and this is what is causing all of these symptoms, the pins and needles is nerve damage through the neck because of the pulled chest wall. So I got home and put a bra on, the pain was unreal, it felt like a elephant was sat on my chest but I did not take it off, all ofa sudden my breasts have gone back the normal colour. Getting to the point........because I have had this condition for two years of constant pain, this has now developed into an anxiety problem, despite all the tests telling us that there us nothing wrong I feel I have convinced myself to such a degree of a heart problem I know have psychological damage, I am convinced to the letter T I am going to have a heart attack because my symptoms do match (chest pain, tightness, pins and needles) but my GP told me "believe me, it would of happened by now"...........my question is have I developed a server anxiety problem or is there a chance the doctor may have got this wrong? Sorry for the long context, but I would love to hear what an outsider thinks of my situation. Thankyou, godbless! X

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