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Wheelchairs and baths!

What an interesting evening. I've had a fairly uneventful day, I overslept until a care worker woke me today, was still groggy from my last dose of diazepam last night (as I didn't get to bed until 5am) and then straight into todays meds so I stayed mostly calm.

Had the usual couple of violent tics and injuries etc, but no attack today.

I went out with Holl when it was dark into the car park behind the flats to start learning how to propel myself around in the wheelchair - I never assumed it would be easy but it was trickier than I thought - which Holly made fun and less of a depressing moment but making me take breaks and pushing me around at breakneck speed and scaring the crap out of me.

It turns out (based on recent experiences) that the OT and Physio people were right - I thought they probably were anyway. They couldn't issue me with a wheelchair because there is a very real risk of me ticcing and overbalancing myself backwards or falling out forwards - both of those things have almost happened every time I've used the wheelchair.

Then came the bath, instead of explain I will simply quote Hollie's facebook post:

"Alex decided he wanted to have his hair washed and asked me to wash his hair, I already shampoo'd it and washed that, just putting conditioner on and he arches back leaving a nice long trail of conditioner all over his hair and face Looked very much like jizz all over his face, i was very amused.....he wasn't"

I had my eyes closed through the entire thing so first thing I know is I've arched backwards, felt something cold trickle all over my face and then got caught by holly. It even went in my mouth!! That was after repeatedly ticcing forwards and inhaling water through my nose, and at one point going backwards so hard I breathed in water through my nose.

I admit it was a pretty unconventional bath, but at least I smell clean now!! (I had a definite odour to me beforehand)

Edit: The automatic tags on this site make me laugh, I'm just leaving them now.

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