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News from the West Midlands

News from the West Midlands

A massive thank you to everybody who came along on Saturday it was great to see you and catch up….and of course a genius idea to go on a little fact-finding mission to find a good pint of Guinness. For those of you who couldn’t make it I have some news to share, and some ideas to put to you.

First of all Dr Rickards donated a whopping £500 to the group!! If your name is Dr Rickards please divert your eyes away from this blog post now. If you would like to add your name to “the” card please let me know.

We did discuss matters of a fundraising nature whilst tasting the Guinness which at a later date will probably involve some kind of a social, musical nature.

I have been in discussion with a guy who would like to at some point do a demonstration with us on some relaxation techniques that he used in conjunction to martial arts that he finds helpful with regards to his TS.

Also I’ve just been on Amazon (yes, I bought the cheapest) to buy a couple of books for the group. There’s this one, as yet unsigned, but that can be sorted, and definitely not stolen from Bedworth library.

Also a couple of books suitable for the group’s younger members -

Lastly I need a helper, those who know me know that I can have quite bad periods when I’m very depressed and quite useless, because of this reason I need a helper, like Danger Mouse I need my Penfold, so if you fancy helping me in my role on the occasion that I literally can’t get out of bed please get in touch. Preferably a parent or carer of a child or young person with TS would be best as they can share their knowledge and experience with other parents and carers. You would need to have a CRB check from Tourettes Action. If you would like to be my Penfold please get in touch either with myself or Julie or Suzanne.

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Hi Catherinem

I'm new to the site, my 7 yr old son has not yet been diagnosed but I am pretty sure after extensive internet research that we are dealing with TS. I do feel quite lost at the moment and unable to help my son. We have been referred to CAMHS but this could take upto 6 weeks, so I am paying for a private consultation. We are shell shocked at the moment as all signs and symptoms have only really manifested themselves in the last 4 weeks, until then no clues what so ever. It's just nice to know that there is some help and support out there. As I am beginning to find out there is a great deal more to TS than tics. I would welcome any advice on medication and possible side effects. My sons main 'other issue' seems to be ADHD which seems to be fairly common. He has been doing excellently in school and I want to try to help this continue, but there has been a fairly significant deteriation of his attention and he now doesn't like reading out loud to me as nearly after every word he has to sqweak/squeal, last night he refused and got quite upset. Does anyone know anything about coloured filters aparently helping, if so what colour?

I am committed to helping him as much as I can



Coloured filters are known to help dyslexia rather than tics, the squeak is definetly a tic, just as I'm typing this now I have to touch my nose with my right fore-finger every few words. Our next meeting is on the 30th June, you are more than welcome to come along, there is also a day out planned for children of you son's age group on the 1st Aug. Please get in touch if you'd like to come along.


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