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Tsh normal but not feeling normal

Hi ive not posted any messages for awhile so I apologise if the format has changed.

i have been euthyroid for one year and completely off all meds. Was hyperthyroid and on carbimazole. Have felt quite well until recentl;y and now feel very shakey and unwell and weak and have palpitation spells each day. My old symptoms feel like they have returned. Ive had my TSH checked 2 x but both times within the last six months have come back within range. I asked GP to check T 4 but he said not necessary if TSH is normal. He then suggested it was anxiety. Hmm.

Is it possible to still have these symptoms despite my TSH being normal please. And does anyone have any more suggestions as to what to do. GP did say to go back to see him in a month if still unwell. Thank you for support.


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Read or watch Mark Hyman's articles or videos on thyroid dysfunction [1]. Find a physician that with partner with you to answer your questions. You may need to interview a handful to find a good fit. Please let us know how it goes.