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Thyroid diagnosis confusion

Hello all. A while ago I was having a lot of issues concentrating, had extreme exhaustion mixed with episodes of being hyper, crazy moods swings and was always hungry. Got my thyroid tested and it all showed hyperthyroid. Went to an endocrinologist who believed I may had Graves Disease. They scheduled a thyroid uptake scan for me. The results on the scan were completely normal. At this time I was feeling a bit better. My doctor seemed confused but said that thyroid problems fluctuate and to just schedule another appointment in a few months. I decided to just go to my regular doctor to get my blood work done since it was cheaper. All my blood work that I have had done was still pointing toward hyper, but the numbers were inches slowly more toward the normal range. The last test I had done about a month ago, all my thyroid tests were normal except for the TSH, which was 0.01. I guess I am just confused, no doctors seem to be able to give me any concrete answer of what that could mean. My mom keeps insisting that it was stress that was making my thyroid all crazy, but I have never heard of that being a cause for thyroid issues. As of right now I feel great, I have gotten on anti depressants to help with anxiety and general depression, which is something I have always had, but seems to have gotten worst with all the thyroid drama. The blood work I had done was the whole shebang, every possible test you can ask for I got. Anyone have any experience with thyroid issues just going away? My concern is that it is turning toward hypo and I could actually have hashimotos instead of Graves. Help?

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I'm hypothyroid and well exactly how you feel I feel the same way , and anxiety is the worst thing I hate and yes it does cause depression , I used to feel worse before but since I got on medicaction , levothyroxin 75mcg I feel more better like way better but still have brain fog a bit of concentrating problem and I feel slow in everything, what medication are you currently taking ?


I'm not on any thyroid medication, just the anti depressants ( I take wellbutrin and zoloft) which has worked wonders for me. I had a bit of an issue with start up, especially with the wellbutrin, it actually increased my anxiety for a bit, so we added the zoloft to help with that. It was funny though, I had been so used to my heart banging in my chest, constantly feeling it pound that I guess I didn't realize that wasn't suppose to happen! when I started the anti depressants my heart slowed, and it freaked me out! I was thinking my heart was gonna stop because I couldn't feel it pounding anymore. I thought the hard heart beat was part of the thyroid issue, but I guess maybe it was anxiety all along. I have not been treated for my thyroid issue because they have never been able to properly diagnose me.


They usually start with a low dose and start there way up till they get it right , I think it's best if you a first fix the thyroid problem tho


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